Google Photos Hurts Me

google removed the good features so I did it my self.

Swol Kat

building a quadruped, i think

Urgent Diagnostics

proof of concept to ease the ent diagnostic process in urgent cares

Care Institute

identifying child care shortages with custom software

Odrive Tuner Tool

overkill tuning tool for motors

Pretty Please

i wrote a css framework

The Future: Trees

demonstrating the branching nature of your life as a tree

Data Visualization: Rain Drops

simulating life and death with raindrops

How to make a blog with Hugo and AWS

how did i make this site

Maker Map

i stalked tools for the good of society

Student Assistant

for some reason they trusted me to teach other students

Rbe 3002

go robit come on robit

Rbe 3001

i like robot arms

Fitzgerald Prototyping Lab

so much tuning of printers


large company


sleep deprivation go brr

Symbotic Robotics Challenge

its a really aggresive vaccum cleaner

Rbe 2002

woosh fire

Rbe 2001

hehe it looks funny

RBE 1001

did you know that you can hot glue shafts together

Techno Titans

bring out the sacrificial freshman