RBE 1001

The Blurb

RBE1001 was my first robotics class in college. The goal of the project was to design, build, and program a robot to play a [Savage Soccer] game from the previous year. Even though we were allowed to use pre-manufacture VEX parts and metal, I ended up using a laser cutter for the first time to design a completely custom robot from scratch.

What I did

I worked primarily on the CAD, mechanical design, and electrical wiring of this robot.


  • Laser Cut body
  • CAD in SolidWorks
  • Arduino-brained
  • Designed in just under 2 days because I procrastinated
  • Robot workes exactly until right after the demo


If you have an interesting project, have a cool story to tell, want to work together, or if you're just bored.

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