Student Assistant

The Blurb

After my misadventures as a student in the senior level robotics courses, for some reason, my professors thought it was a great idea to encourage other students with my bad ideas. So they made me an SA (like a TA minus the grading). Being an SA was one of the most rewarding experiences I had in college. I learned so much from my students, professors, and got really proficient with the course material.

Stuff I did

  • Installed Ubuntu on 60+ different laptops
  • Aided with lab and course design
  • Ran last minute panic sessions to teach material before tests
  • Developed and documented lab materials
  • Got really good at debugging and understanding other peoples code quickly
  • Distributed 50 ducks to enforce the power of the rubber ducky method
If you have an interesting project, have a cool story to tell, want to work together, or if you're just bored.

Contact Me: [email protected] or schedule a meeting